Enjoy your morning coffee before heading to work, dropping the kiddos off at school, or  random times throughout the day? If you answered yes to the question above AND you enjoy free beverages, then you will want to continue reading!

If you download the Dunkin Donuts Perks & Rewards app, you can start your journey to earning free beverages.

Earning FREE Beverages

1. When you sign up

2. Birthday

3. Every 200 points earned

4. Limited time : DD Perks members that live in the Atlanta area can earn a free medium hot or iced coffee the day after the Hawks win a game! (I grabbed my free iced coffee this morning – 4/23/2017 and 4/25/2017)

Every month, Dunkin Donuts offers their members discounted food and beverages AND random additional FREE beverages. Every purchase earns points toward another free beverage. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Even if you download the app for this basketball playoff season only.