Items in my May 2017 Glam Bag:

May Glam Blag – I absolutely adore the glam bag this month! To be honest, I have always been a huge fan of plastic makeup bags and have two at my house now. Lol This month’s glam bag definitely goes with the May summer theme. So, shout out to ipsy for that!

treStiQue Mini Matte Lip Crayon in Tuscan Wine – This was super cute! I love deep wine and cranberry colors on lips, so I was excited to be able to get this color in my bag this month. It went on my lips very smoothly however, I was thinking that since it was a “matte” color that it would dry and would be hard to come off. But, this didn’t seem to do that. This was actually very moisturizing after I put it on my lips. Because of the wine color alone, this gets an “A” in my book!

Luxie Beauty Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660 – Am I the only one that loves a good brush in our monthly bags? The bristles on this brush were soft and when applying my foundation it went on very smoothly with no complication! This was a very nice solid brush that did not feel cheaply made. I’m going to continue to use this until the end of this month or until I get another foundation brush in our glam bag.

KVoss NYC Macaroon Lip Balm in light cream – I haven’t put a lip balm on my lips in these little containers in years. Lol This actually reminded me of the Carmex that I used to use that would be in the white and yellow containers. This lip balm did not have a strong smell at all. It is very faint in fact and I love that! It was very easy to apply and for me, it seem to last almost all day. Even after lunch, I still had some on my lips. This is definitely more moisturizing than your average chapsticks and other balms that I have tried. If left in the sun, I can see this melting very fast.

Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer – By now, you guys should know that I am not a fan of strong smelling lotions. So, I was expecting to be turned off by this lotion, however when after applying it the smell seemed very calming. Now, I wouldn’t apply it to my entire body, but I will keep this as a hand lotion on my office desk (where it currently resides). The lotion seemed to dry quickly as I was rubbing it in on  my hands. So, if you are not a fan of greasy and slippery lotions, I think you would like this as a hand moisturizer.

Benefit Cosmetics gimme brow Volumizing fiber gel – This had to have been the tiniest wand I have seen in my life. Lol I was glad they didn’t send the darkest tint. After applying the brow tint, I waited five minutes and took a tissue and wiped my brow. None came off! I mean none! This stuff is pretty good and even lasted until the next day until I scrubbed my face after washing with african black soap. A coworker even said I looked different when I went into work yesterday. The only difference was the brow tint that I applied lol. I already naturally have short eyebrows, so I was applied be to extend my eyebrows, while still looking natural!

Overall Thoughts – I think we had a great bag this month! I give this month’s glam bag a solid A! There was not one product that I did not like in my bag this month. I will continue to use all the items that I reviewed unail I receive next month’s bag. Good job on the selections this month IPSY!