Sunday night rolls around … It’s 5 PM and I know that if I do not get started on this hair of mine, I will regret it later on in the morning when I’m taking down my braid-out and my hair strands are still wet.

Every Sunday, I have the same routine in order to keep this hair of mine manageable and tamed. Taming my hair came with months of experimenting and trying new hair products. But, I think I finally found the perfect regimen.

  1. Detangle
  2. Wash
  3. Condition
  4. Deep Condition
  5. Leave-in Condition
  6. Moisturizer
  7. Protective Style

This may sound like a lot of steps, but it’s not. It typically takes me an hour and a half from start to end.


For the detangling process, I use only my hands. I simply part my hair into four sections and gently use my fingers through my hair until my curls are no longer coiled. Doing this helps the washing process go a lot easier.


I wet my hair under the water first and take Crème of Nature (Argan Oil) Sulfate-Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo and massage it into my scalp and go from the roots to the ends of my hair. I rinse the shampoo out my hair and repeat.


After my hair is clean, I take Crème of Nature (Argan Oil) Intensive Conditioning Treatment and massage it in my scalp. I typically leave the conditioner on my hair for five minutes before rinsing the product out.

Deep Condition

Now, I actually have color treated hair, but only in the crown part of my head. I dyed my hair myself using … yes, you guessed correctly, Crème of Nature (Argan Oil) Intensive Red permanent hair color. So, to combat the damage that hair color causes, I use 3 Minute Miracle Color by Aussie. After leaving it on for five minutes, because I live on the edge and decided to bypass the three minutes they suggest, I rinse out the product.

Leave-in Condition

I don’t blow dry my hair, so after I shake out the excess water from my hair, I use Crème of Nature (Argan Oil) Strength and Shine Leave-In Conditioner and spray a generous amount. I gently massage the product in my hair and put a towel around my neck so that water and leave-in conditioner does not drip.


While my hair is still wet, I part my hair in four sections (using my fingertips) and use my 100% African Shea Butter and apply a good amount to each section. I personally use the yellow Shea Butter because I found that it works better for my curls and I only have to put the product in my hair on Sundays and not have to reapply all week until next wash day.

Protective Style

After parting my hair in four sections and applying the Shea Butter, I part one section into two sections, so that by the end of me completing a twist-out or braid-out, I have eight separate braids or twists on my head.

Finishing Up …

After I complete my protective styling, I take my satin scarf and wrap my hair and then place a satin bonnet over the satin scarf. I use a bonnet and scarf because if my bonnet slides off during the night, I still have my scarf to protect my hair.

Is your Natural Hair Care Regimen similar to mines? Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!