Since both my friend and I had today off, we decided to eat out in Atlanta. She knows I am a “stickler” when it comes to food. Especially “seafood.” I was raised near the Gulf, so fresh seafood was on the menu almost every night for dinner at my grandma’s house. One thing about me is that I know good food.

“Since 1979, this down-home seafood restaurant & bar has served Angus beef, chowder, gumbo & oysters.”

Restaurant: Spondivits

Location: 1219 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 30344

Once I got to the restaurant, a valet waved and greeted me and handed me a ticket so that he could park my vehicle.

After walking up the driveway from the back of the restaurant, I opened the door and was immediately greeted by two smiling faces that seated me.

Pricing: After being seated I glanced over the menu and the first thing I noticed were the prices Yikes! More expensive than what I’m used to, but I was thinking that this better be some damn good food!

Normally when I go to a seafood restaurant, I make sure to order their clam chowder. I LOVE the stuff and I sometimes believe I have an unhealthy obsession with it!

Soup: Chowder Kennebunkport Bowl (Price – $14.95) Pictured below. (Sorry, I started mixing the bacon and cheese before I took a picture). They add bacon and cheese to this dish, along with a side of garlic bread.


Now, I have tried clam chowder, all up and down the gulf coast, but by far, this was the absolute BEST I have ever eaten! No lie. I wouldn’t make this up even if they paid me! When they say bacon makes everything taste better, they didn’t lie!

The soup was very filling and the clams were perfectly cooked and while eating the soup, I didn’t taste the “grittiness” that you can sometimes taste from eating fresh clams. Absolutely amazing and the garlic bread had met its match!

Entrée: The Ultimate Fried Combo (Price – $20.95) Pictured below. Fried oysters, shrimp, and clam strips, on a bed of fries.


Everything was fried a perfectly golden color and the shrimp practically dissolved in my mouth! I do wish the oysters could have fried just a minute longer, but they were good nonetheless. And the clam strips were surprisingly good as well. The reason why I say this is because so many restaurants mess up frying clams. It’s either too chewy or not fried long enough.

Friend’s Entrée: Combo Steamed Seafood Bucket (Price – $35.95) Pictured below. A pound total of sweet lobster tails, snow crab and king crab, and shrimp, served with garlic butter. Her steamed bucket was also seasoned with Ole’ Bay seasoning.


She said her food was really good, and that her only complaint was that she wished they had a better “cracker” to crack open her crabs with.

Overall, the food was wonderful! It was definitely on the pricey side, so if you want a quick and cheap meal, this is not the place to head to! But, I would take a few friends and dine here one night as a “special meal.”